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This blog is dedicated to chronicling the stories and unique experiences of individuals that make up our diverse riding community.
Whether you ride Western or English, for fun or competitively, have no horses or a whole herd, we believe that every person that creates our equestrian community has a story to tell and voice that deserves to be heard.

January 2012

In horse training there are good days and bad days.  One day you're on top of the world moving yourself up the levels and the next you're brought back down to Earth with a thud.  This rapid change of pace can both boggle your mind and annoy the bejesus out of you.  Unfortunately I let myself to succumb to the annoying symptom know as frustration yesterday and the results were less than satisfactory.  I left the barn, a place where I usually feel wonderful, discouraged and upset. My horse, Achates, has been laid up for the past week after torquing his right hind

Horses are the warriors of my heart.  They keep me true and honest with myself.  Forcing me to confront my strengths and weaknesses, and pushing me to find the next level of success that I'm looking for.  That's why I'm starting this blog.  To keep track of each one of my warriors.  The progress they make, their victories, setbacks and breakthroughs.  More than anything this blog is going to be a daily reminder of where I have been and where I want to go.  Setting me and my warrior in the right direction no matter what the future may hold.