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This blog is dedicated to chronicling the stories and unique experiences of individuals that make up our diverse riding community.
Whether you ride Western or English, for fun or competitively, have no horses or a whole herd, we believe that every person that creates our equestrian community has a story to tell and voice that deserves to be heard.

September 2012

There comes a time I think in everyone's training journey when you feel this immense sense of faithlessness.  Because, lets face it training can be a thankless process at times.  You work on something at tedium and results may not show up until weeks or even months later.  Our culture is that of instant gratitude so it's only natural to feel some frustration. And it's in this limbo that I've been stuck in since summer.  I have high expectations for myself and my horse and when I feel they aren't met it's hard for me to process. At times like this, when I feel