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This blog is dedicated to chronicling the stories and unique experiences of individuals that make up our diverse riding community.
Whether you ride Western or English, for fun or competitively, have no horses or a whole herd, we believe that every person that creates our equestrian community has a story to tell and voice that deserves to be heard.

November 2018

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nWOyyBAo9E This week's profile features portrait photographer Emily Annett, who officially launched her site this week!  Earlier this Fall Emily took some great pictures of Achates, Basilio and me.  I knew that any image Emily took would be amazing, but what impressed me most was how much passion and drive she has for her craft.  She was also ridiculously patient when it came to wrangling 2 dogs and 2 horses :)  More than anything I appreciated that she made me feel at ease throughout the whole process, being in front of the camera isn't my favorite, but Emily made the process fun and