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Back to Work

As I mentioned in my last post I was kind of stuck in a rut for a bit when it came to my training, today I think I took a step forward.

I’ve said multiple times that I have high expectations for my horse but more so for me, and in the past and sometimes present these expectations have been detrimental. I think the biggest lesson I have managed to learn so far is that sometimes it’s those small inconsequential moments that matter more than the endgame.  That enjoying the journey and staying in the present is far more important than over thinking what could happen in the future.

Thankfully I have a great support team that pushes and encourages me to do my best and stay focused.  These people, my wonderful family and friends, can’t even begin to understand what there support means to me on a daily basis. I can’t thank them enough.

Achates getting ready to work

When I went to work Achates today I did my best to keep it light.  I made it a point to stay focused and calm while we were warming up and he responded the way I wanted him too.  He brought up his back and stretched over his topline when we were walking and it felt great.

Unfortunately when we went to trot it fell apart.  While he was soft through his poll he was coming into a fake frame, in which he was braced through the sling of his shoulders and was hollowed out through his back.  Was this discouraging? Yes.  But instead of letting it get to me I did my best to stay focused on the task that was at hand and gradually it improved.  It wasn’t the best it’s ever been but even that minor change was more than satisfying.

And just like that I’m hooked again by the training bug.

I don’t even know if there’s a way to describe the feeling you get when you’re on a horse and everything falls into place.  But it’s those brief moments when the puzzle final snaps together that make it worth all the hard work and effort.  I can’t explain how wonderful it feels when my horse is round and through underneath me.  He’s light in my hands and the riding becomes effortless.

Moving forward I’m going to continue to look forward to the small victories of everyday, and in this moment I’m so happy to be back to work and heading in the direction of my dreams.

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