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Being Enough in 2019

One week of 2019 down and 51 more to go.

Last week zipped by and has me looking towards what I want to accomplish this year.  This is hard for me.  I’m great at looking at things long term, where I want to be, and what the end goal should be.  How I’ll get there not so much, and that’s something I’m actively trying to improve this year.

Achieving long term goals doesn’t happen overnight.  There thousands of steps, small victories, and challenging realizations that come up along the way.  In 2019 I’m going to hold myself accountable and be better about making step by step plans that set me up for success.  I’m going to enjoy all the small steps and victories, and hold them close to my heart.

This year I also want to be present and thankful for all the amazing things that riding has bought me.  I want to shape what has forever been a negative dialogue about not being a good enough, skinny enough, having a horse that’s not talented enough, into a positive one.  The truth is that I am enough and so are my horses.

This year is going to be blocking out the voices that cause me doubt or guilt, especially when they come from within.  It’s going to be soaking up every minute I get with my horses.  Especially Achates, who has given me so much always and without question.

2019 is for me, my horses, and all the amazing things in between.

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