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This blog is dedicated to chronicling the stories and unique experiences of individuals that make up our diverse riding community.
Whether you ride Western or English, for fun or competitively, have no horses or a whole herd, we believe that every person that creates our equestrian community has a story to tell and voice that deserves to be heard.


Real talk, I’ve never felt that my body was welcome in the horse world.  I’m to curvy, to brown, and don’t have the hard sculpted edges that most riders in mainstream media are portrayed with.  My height, a tall 5’9, is the only concession to conformity that I possess.  From a young age I was told that my body needed to change if I wanted to achieve my goals.  That I needed to lose the baby fat, get on a diet, and run 5-7 miles a day.  I was 12, going through a hellish growth period, and not that it matters but I