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I haven’t been to the barn since my fall mainly due to extreme soreness but tomorrow I will get out there, and I’m so excited to ride!  I will also be riding with one of my lovely riding buddies and her magical Arabian, Jasper.  I love riding with them so I’m really, really, really excited!

The wonderful Jasper

Other than sitting tight I’ve been trying to take stock of exactly what I need to do to keep progressing with training and my goals.  Today was a minor setback unfortunately, an opportunity that I had been looking forward to fell through.  And if I’m honest with myself I am thoroughly disappointed.

It would be to easy to hang it up, say that it was ok, and that I didn’t need to keep pushing myself, especially after the lovely week I’ve had.  But giving up is never the answer.  In life there are many opportunities to give way, stop trying and progressing, but there are so little and far between things to fight for.

Fighting is hard, it takes energy, time and every ounce of your already stretched will power, but I don’t want to go through this life wishing that I had stood up for something that I believed in.  That I didn’t take that chance that was handed my way and I didn’t stop and make my point know.

One more reason to fight

So from today onwards I’m ready to keep fighting, no matter what it takes.

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