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Get Motivated

Lately I’ve been having trouble getting motivated.  With Achates laid up it has been hard to keep focused on exactly what my goals are.  Honestly, I’ve been getting a little down on myself which is never a good thing.

Achates resting up and getting ready for a triumphant return

Thankfully I have great group of friends who support and keep me on track.  They remind me that I should be living in the moment, the here and now, and not worrying about what’s coming.   That I should enjoy every small success that comes my way.  So while my faithful warrior rests up I’ll take stock of where I’m at and where I want to go.  I’ll stay positive and keeping pushing towards my goals.  Step by step, day by day I’ll pull myself closer to my dreams, not stopping until I get where I want to be.


  • February 9, 2012

    As you yourself have said: one step at a time, focus on what you want to achieve, even a little success will go a long way, reward yourself–“Good girl”. Thank you for doing such a great job with Chance. Sunday was a blast! V

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