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Goals Fall 2018

Fall Goals 2018

Since fall is in full swing I decided to sit down and sort out the goals that Achates, Basilio and I should be working towards.  This is something I used to do when I first got Achates, and while I didn’t keep it up, it was always helpful to have something written down so I could reflect on it later.

My main goal for Achates is to get him road safe.  While I don’t plan on doing any competitive trail riding soon, I would really love a way to enjoy the great fall weather and get a break from arena work and conditioning.  The big issue we both have riding on the road is cars, I tense up and Achates up until recently couldn’t stand it when they drove by.  The good news is that he does great now when I’m hand walking him down the road, and doesn’t even blink at cars.  I want to do some longer distances hand walking and then I think we’ll both be ready to try some shorter distances in the saddle.

Since Basilio’s eye issue is resolved I’m super excited to start working with him again.  At this point he’s used to getting free lunged, knows how to pick up his feet, and can lower his head on command.  Now I think it would be great if we could work on getting him to yield his shoulders and hind end.  He’s definitely more comfortable moving his hind end, almost like a turn on the forehand, but he loves to plant his shoulders and brace through them so getting any sort of softness through there will be crucial.  Especially as he continues to grow up and his training becomes geared towards what he’ll be doing under saddle.

The other big thing we need to tackle this month is going and working in different environments.  Thankfully the farm we’re at has plenty of space for us to explore, but I think it would also be great if he could get used to being on the road and going for short walks.  If it’s possible I would also like to get him off the property.  That being said, I just listed a ton of stuff and I can’t expect to get everything accomplished before winter, but I’m looking forward to seeing what we can get done before them.

This fall I want get a routine and stick with it.  I know that sounds really simple, but the biggest struggle for me as a rider has always been having the discipline to follow through on everything I need to accomplish.  More than anything I think having a routine would have a grounding effect on the rest of my chaotic schedule.

Riding wise, I just want to get on and enjoy my horse and focus on the things that I need to do as a rider.  For a long time I’ve been hyper focused on pushing towards the next level, or figuring out what to do training wise and I think the healthiest thing I can do right now is decompress and enjoy the sport I love so much.

And finally through the fall I would really like to make the commitment of living a healthier lifestyle.  I’m not talking about major weight loss, or becoming super fit, but rather being a bit more gentle with myself.  Riding and training horses is hard, mentally it definitely takes a toll, and most days it’s so easy for me to sit back and not put any effort into taking care of myself.  I want to change that.  I want to be kind to myself and the body that has carried me through everything over the years.  I’m not quite sure how I can get there but I think writing things down and putting them into motion is a great way to start.

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