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Moving On and Pushing Forward

There are moments where your life changes.  They’re tiny spaces in time that you change course, reevaluate, or choose to push forward.  Since December Achates and I have been stumbling on and into these seemingly insignificant moments that have resulted in significant amounts of growth.

It hasn’t been easy but I’m thankful.

Since my last post a lot has changed, which is to expected since it’s been several months.

At the beginning of December Achates and I moved to a different barn.  The situation that we left behind couldn’t be fixed and it became evident that it was time to move on.  Moving was hard, the barn I was at had a great community of riders and I miss riding with them on a daily basis.

Settling into the new place didn’t go as I expected, it was harder for me to find my stride than I thought it would be.  Training wise I was burnt out and couldn’t quite figure out my direction.  I think at the time it would have been so easy to lay down and give way, to move on to another dream and forget the one that had been driving me forward had ever existed, but doing so was not an option.  I feel that when you’re given a chance to push forward and discover your limits that you should without hesitation.  Why wouldn’t anyone want to know exactly what they’re capable of, or how great they can become.

Ready to move ahead

Ready to move ahead

It took some time but Achates and I started to build ourselves up again.  For the first time in our partnership I was the weak link, the one without direction, with unending doubts.  But my horse, he was something miraculous.  Suddenly he was pushing through things that had given us difficulty before.  He was growing right in front of my eyes, each session we worked together he improved, and it made me excited again.  Excited to work, to push forward without hesitation.  The doubts slowly left my mind, and my direction came back.  And when it did my horse was ready, he rose with me and pushed me forward without missing a step.  He never had second thoughts of our journey together, he just kept pushing forward.


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