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Since Thursday I haven’t been out to work with Achates.  I had a minor lung infection that was aggravated by my asthma but everything seems to be back on track now.

I’m more than excited to get back out there, make my return to training and continue the progress Achates and I have been making.  When I’m not riding I miss it.  Not just the riding part but everything about it, solving problems, working hard, and more than anything hanging out with my horse.  Riding keeps me functional and sane, more than that though it just makes me feel better about what I’m doing with my life and the things that I want to accomplish.

I never thought I would have a horse.  I thought that it was a phase of my life that had passed me up and I wouldn’t get it back.  So when it actually happened I was ecstatic and I promised myself that I wouldn’t take the opportunity for granted.  And if I’m being honest I don’t think that I have.  I fully enjoy every moment with my horse.

Love my warrior

More than anything though I never imagined the depth of the relationship I would have with my future horse.  What I love most about it is that Achates goes the extra mile for me.  That I can always ask for more and even if he’s tired and had enough he will push himself through it.  I can’t help but feel blessed and honored that he has that kind of faith in me.

I’ve been talking about the idea of a “warrior” horse in several posts, how Achates was becoming one, but after this weekend of sitting at home and being able to reflect I can say he’s already there.  I’ve never met a horse who has given me more or trusted me as much.  And I’m grateful to be continuing this journey with him.  No matter what awaits we will be ready, my warrior horse and I.

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