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This blog is dedicated to chronicling the stories and unique experiences of individuals that make up our diverse riding community.
Whether you ride Western or English, for fun or competitively, have no horses or a whole herd, we believe that every person that creates our equestrian community has a story to tell and voice that deserves to be heard.

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I've been really reluctant to post anything for the past couple of days.  Mostly because I wanted to hold on to the wonderful feeling that these past few days of training Achates has given me. As anybody who works with or trains horses will know, not everyday is a "breakthrough day".  Most days are like chipping away at a block of marble.  You have the finished image of what the sculpture will look like in your mind, but the actuality of what's in front of you is far from it.  But every once in a while something will come upon you out of

Today I wasn't able to get to the barn.  When I texted my trainer about my disappointment she brought up something I rarely put into action.  She told me to ride mentally.  Why I've never put this idea into effect is beyond me, it seems like the obvious way to keep your mind engaged even when you're away from your horse. Since my main issue with Achates is getting him to come through and forward I pictured myself riding him this way.  I felt him moving balanced underneath me, and light in my hands.  I went through an Intro level test and rode

After weeks of waiting today I was finally able to saddle up Achates!  I think the both of us were reverberating with excitement over it.  Achates was in full form, perking up his ears when he heard the jingling sound of the girth,  and constantly turning around as I put the saddle on as if to say "Hurry up! Hurry up! I'm ready to go!". I think that his positive anticipation is a true testament to what building a relationship through your training can do.  Having that emotional working bond with your horse goes a long way and opens up a line of

Lately I've been having trouble getting motivated.  With Achates laid up it has been hard to keep focused on exactly what my goals are.  Honestly, I've been getting a little down on myself which is never a good thing. Thankfully I have great group of friends who support and keep me on track.  They remind me that I should be living in the moment, the here and now, and not worrying about what's coming.   That I should enjoy every small success that comes my way.  So while my faithful warrior rests up I'll take stock of where I'm at and where I

Confidence is an intangible factor that effects our riding more than we can begin to imagine.  It flows down from our body's and into our horses.  This is why it's so important to build a good relationship and foundation with your horse.  One that's built on trust and consistency.  My friend V has been kind enough to let me work with her wonderful horse Chance.  He is a talented Oldenburg gelding who has all the tools to be a great horse, but his spookyness and insecurities can and tend to get the better of him. Building Chance's confidence has been a fun learning

When your horse is laid up and your training is on hold don't fret!  There are so many other things that you can do, learn or train.  Don't be afraid to change it up.  Read horse books, go on Youtube and watch your favorite riders, or find another horse to work with.  Use this time to keep yourself sharp and learn something new!  Thankfully my trainer was nice enough to let me work one of her lovely horses.  It was an experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. The horse I worked today was Casey.  He's a warm hearted boy with great work ethic!  He's

Horses are the warriors of my heart.  They keep me true and honest with myself.  Forcing me to confront my strengths and weaknesses, and pushing me to find the next level of success that I'm looking for.  That's why I'm starting this blog.  To keep track of each one of my warriors.  The progress they make, their victories, setbacks and breakthroughs.  More than anything this blog is going to be a daily reminder of where I have been and where I want to go.  Setting me and my warrior in the right direction no matter what the future may hold.