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The Yearling Chronicles: September 2018

Some days are a challenge and today was one of them.  Basilio reinjured his right eye earlier this week, he has a corneal abrasion on the inner corner right underneath his lower lid.  Up until today he’s been a champ about getting medicated, dealing with getting eye drops and ointment 4 times a day, and getting bute for the inflammation.  It’s a lot for any horse let alone a young one, and today my yearling who has been sweet and calm as can be got sick of it and I can’t say I blame him.

And while I wasn’t pleased with the temper tantrum he threw after his last round of meds today it was a good reminder that he is young and that the time to start working on the skills that he needs is now rather than later.  Training young horses is hard, it required constantly replacing frustration with patience, and trusting that your persistence will pay off eventually.  Today was a bad day but when I feel the frustration rising up inside me I remind myself that it’s one day and that tomorrow will be better, and that in a month for now both Basilio and I will be moving on and working on bigger and better things.



  • September 22, 2018

    You guys are doing great. Thats a lot for a person to medicate, let alone a yearling. Keep in mind, it’s the age they do start testing you and tantrums are a part of it. Stay calm and repetitive, as I’m sure you did and remember; We show up different every day, in mind and body. So one imperfect day for a baby, totally normal! 𗁧 you got this. -your fan

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