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The Yearling Chronicles: September 2018

Last year when I moved back home my parents surprised me with Basilio.  Basilio is a PRE gelding, and he just turned one in July.  The past year with him has been filled with a bunch of memorable experiences.  Watching him grow and develop has been an amazing adventure that I’m excited to continue.  This month we’re working on a few key skills that will help set him up for his future.

  1. Increasing our duration in the stall:  Currently Basilio is turned out 24/7 in a 4 acre pasture, which he absolutely loves.  The great thing about this is that he gets to develop and grow muscle while moving around, and he’s living a happy and full life with the rest of his herd when I’m not around.  That being said he’s not to keen on being kept inside.  This month all we’re doing is having him eat his grain in a stall and then once he’s finished immediately go back out to his friends.  So far this process seems to be working well, he’s leads in and out of the stall really well and politely.  Next month I’ll increase the duration of the time that he’s inside, I think the key to making this successful for him will be to go slow and steady, and stay persistent.

    Basilio at 6 months outside with his new herd for the first time

  2. Trailer Loading:  So far when it comes to the trailer Basilio has been a champ.  He steps on pretty confidently and stays without panicking.  He doesn’t have any fear or anxiety when it comes to the trailer yet so it’s my job to keep it that way.  If he keeps up with his progress here we’ll start taking him on some short rides, building duration over time.
  3. Hand walking in new environments:  This week Basilio met my friend’s horse, Sally, who will be showing him the ropes of how to walk safely and calmly into new environments.  We’ve been free lunging the two of them together and letting them graze with each other after.  So far Basilio has followed Sally’s example and approached things calmly, focusing more on relaxing in new environments rather than reacting to them.

I’m hoping by next month that Basilio and I will be out and about a bit more, maybe even attempt some adventures off the property.  Overall though he’s a fun horse to work with and be around.  Hoping he will keep his playful and inquisitive attitude as he grows up!


  • Vijay Joshi
    September 12, 2018

    Love following Basilio!

    • September 12, 2018

      He loves to provide us with entertainment :D!!

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